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Johnson ver. df70 help

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  • Johnson ver. df70 help

    SO I have a late 04 Johnsuki, do to life I din't really use for a couple of years very much. I have it at a mechnic now as I cleaned and replaced the injectors as it was running poorly. It still wouldn't start and I didn't have the right tools (gauge) to check the rail pressure and time was also an issue. I did stick an induction timing light on the plug wires and it indicated no spark. I brought it to the mech and he said the fuel pump is bad which I somewhat suspected as the pressure seemed low. But the no spark is still an issue and he can't figure it out. he believes its a bad ECU. he has tested the CPS, the Cam PS, said power to the coils, checked all the connections but still no spark. At this point he has two suggestions, new ECU or replace with a used engine. I have had this boat about 10 years and want to step up to something a little larger so I want it fixed right but don't really want to invest a bunch of $$$$. Thoughts or recommendations of where to look or maybe someplace that can test and repair the ECU?

    The mech said the harness appears to be different from the Suzuki harness and didn't know if Johnson ECU was different.

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    I don't know if its looked down on to bump a thread but are there any recommendations as to someplace that can test and repair ECU if needed? the Mech is lost on this issue and I need to pick up the boat.


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      talked with Mech yesterday and he tried ECM from a DF70 and no change, still no spark should the ECM from a DF70 work in the Johnson version? Everything appears to point to the ECM, does the PM need to be exact?


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        Look up your engine on the dark blue tab at the top of the page “Buy Suzuki Outboard Parts”. Enter your year and horsepower, find the part your looking for then screw down to the bottom and you’ll get a list of common years and engine that the part in question was used on. Not sure if that will help you though, I THINK Suzuki only supplied blocks to other manufacturers. I could be wrong on that, I don’t know.


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          Thanks I will take that advise.


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            looks like there is no ECM available, any recommendations on someplace to test or repair?


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              Ebay seems to be a source for old parts