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  • Starting issues

    Hi all, I have a suzi Df90, it cold starts and runs fine, but after getting to my destination (beach) and trimming up a little, the engine fails to start again. It does eventually get going, but there is a lot of stalling. Have tried priming the bulb whilst turning the key and that doesn’t seem to make much difference. I wonder if the trimming up has something to do with it? Changing where fuel is? Although this is odd as outboard is trimmed up for road transport and starts first time on the slipway. Any ideas welcome, cheers.

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    After getting to your destination have you tried shutting the engine off without trimming/tilting and tried a restart?


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      Starts straight away with no issues if not trimmed up.


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        I had an issue similar, some time ago with my DF140. On my 07 model, the white wire has a "quick disconnect" like connection at the very front of the engine where it goes under the turning bracket. I can't recall what the purpose was. On one side the crimped connection wire was loose. When I trimmed the motor down it would sometimes cause it to not start. I stumbled onto this discovery and wonder if this could happen to others. Just something unusual, wouldn't hurt to look.
        good luck,


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          pull the cowl off and start the engine up on the muffs and trim it up and jiggle the wiring harness around where you have your main connector, 16 pin late model 8 pin early model and see if the motor cuts in and out, your main ignition supply goes through that plug.( white wire) and ecu feed supply (grey wire).