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2007 DF 140 Tilt and Trim Problem

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    Originally posted by Greg Moore View Post
    If you can't get it to go up from either switch, the switch on the motor is not the issue. The relay will be on the motor in the fuse block, there's a couple of other relays in there identical so you can swap with another to see if that's the issue. With your engine cover off and the fuse box cover off you should hear a click for up and down. The next problem does not make it easy. The engines computer controls this. When you hit the up or down switch, it doesn't just wire right to the relay but it actually sends the signal to the computer which then sends power to the relay so diagnosing it is _not_ as easy as some would claim.
    '''''''''''' think you pressed the wrong button and you meant to be commenting on the 2016 df200 with trim up problems, when you press either trim button up or down it will send battery voltage to the ecm as well as the trim relay. The trim limit switch is still wired in series with the up button the same as the earlier engines.


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      Hi Guys, have been reading post on here for a while just became a member. My question is; i just purchased a 2001 19’ Travis (good condition) with an 06 suzuki 140 four stroke. Preparing it to go out this weekend on the maiden voyage, i was lowering the motor by trim and smoke started coming from under the top of the motor. I immediately cut the MASTER Power switch to the entire boat. Removed cowling and smoke had subsided. Cut master power back on and trim did not work and smoke returned. Cut power off again. I found that the harness going to the trim motor was pinched between the manual lift lock and the motor. I t severed the two wires. I also noticed that the two ground wires on the lower foot got jot and melted the coating off the wires. Wires still seem to be fine but no coating. I repaired the main motor wires, but i have zero activity now. No smoke but also no trim power on the motor or console. I do have a 10 amp breaker (12 volt dc out breaker) on the console that will trip after a 10-15 seconds, but not sure if this breaker was like that before the incident or not. Sorry to be so long winded. Just trying to answer obvious questions up front. Thank yiu for any advise.