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Suzuki 200 HP 2017 Trim down range of motion limited

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  • Suzuki 200 HP 2017 Trim down range of motion limited

    After trailering bost and putting a short 2x4 board under tilted up engine (to prevent bouncing on rams) I can't get the motor all the way down to neural position or lower. That gives me a hull up position that over revs to motor unable to plane off.

    Apparently I have my trim down limit and gauge out of sync with the hydraulic trim piston tilt down range of motion. The console tilt/down trim shows negative when the motor is actually tilted up above neutral.

    Must have knocked something out of sync with the 2x4 board I used when trailering. Anyone know a quick way to reset the limit switch range of motion so I can get the boat planed off without the bow up high and overcrowding the engine?

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    7E2902A7-7C19-4F57-925C-AE9F6409026A.jpeg Upper right picture Tilt Limit Cam might have been moved? In your owners manual there is a procedure to set the range of motion for the tilt/trim switch. I’ve never had to adjust the tilt limit cam so I can’t give you any advice on the correct placement of the cam. I’d guess your issue is related to one of the two.
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      Thanks for the info. I was able to use the hydraulic emergency release screw on the port side of transom mount to get the trim to go all the way down flush with transom mount. It was only about 20 degrees more to get a slightly negative prop thrust. That let's me throttle up and plane off now.

      But now i have it on my marina lift system and can't reach around to fiddle with the mechanical cam since I have to hike out over the transom precarously over the water to work on it. Guess Iwill need to go retrailer at the public ramp and look closer on what's involved with the trim limit mechanism.

      It tilts up fine to full up range but the trim down needs a little bit more range of motion for throttle trim switches to get proper perfect down trim (10-15 degrees more only). It looks from manual to me that the limit cam is only for the full up stop not for the down trim stop - unless reducing trim up range gives more trim down range of motion by limiting the trim up motion. .

      I am wondering if there's another separate limit switch somewhere just for the down trim? I don't see much of a procedure mentioned in the manual about adjusting that mechanical cam up limit switch. That is the only limit mechanism that I can see in that photo/drawing though.

      Seems like it should be a super easy thing to adjust.
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        I just posted 2 screenshots that have to be approved outlining the procedure to adjust the trim up and down limits. I’ll try one at a time and see what happens. If no screenshots appear I can email you the procedure.


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              Screen shots are appearing nicely Murray.


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                Originally posted by Murray View Post
                I just posted 2 screenshots that have to be approved outlining the procedure to adjust the trim up and down limits. I’ll try one at a time and see what happens. If no screenshots appear I can email you the procedure.
                Oh man - THANKS! This is exactly the info I was trying to find. Let me go see if I can do this and save a massive hassle of finding a second person to retrailer and help with car logistics etc. to bring in for service.

                Much appreciated.

                Will check back in to give results.


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                  Screenshot from 2009-2012 DF90A service manual, hopefully Suzuki didn’t change the procedure. I found very little on the Tilt Limit Cam setup, there is likely a sentence or two somewhere in the service manual but that particular sentence didn’t jump out on me.


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                    Tried both up/down limit switch reset procedures many times - NO JOY. Bummer. But I did learn something. I may have a upper limit switch signal issue that is confusing the logic for the lower/down limit switch signaling and full range of travel console gauge and programming logic.

                    The manual procedure is misleading too since it's unclear if I am supposed to power off the key switch after going from the prepataory "Cancel the Trim Down Limit Position Setting" and then doing the "Setting the Trim Down Position" limit position procedure. The blinking red console programming light goes off after returning the throttle to neutral so I am not confident that the resetting of the up/down full range check in the procedure is doing anything at all in step 7 of the procedure other than giving a confidence check that it works or not.

                    (Note: Another esoteric thing in the procedures is that for the top style of throttles I have on my boat I had to press the throttle rubber center axis button mechanism to get any of the program buzzer logic to work - apparently that decouples the mechanical throttle mechanism itself and turns the throttle lever into just an electronic switch/slider of sorts)

                    The good news is that the down limit switch reset procedure lets me clear the logic enough that I can at least now get all the way to the full down position using the console throttle trim switches without having to fiddle with a screwdriver over the transom to do a hydraulic release to get it down flush to transom. That's "good enough" to let me plane off the boat and less a hassle than reaching over and around the transom with a screwdriver to release hydraulics on the trim actuators. But when I do the last step 7 of the procedure (to go to full UP limit then back down to lower limit) the down trim stops short again on the down side about 20 degrees from flush. The red blinking "program mode" LED goes off after the throttle is put back to neutral - so its' unclear if this last step is even programming anything or is just a confidence test that it all "took" from full up to full down to set the full range of motion.

                    The really bad news is that when I tried to reset the UP limit switch logic (per the Setting Tilt Up Limit Switch Procedure) to explore its relationship to the lower limit I could NOT get the buzzer confirmation that it was accepting the "reset" while in program mode in step 5 (pressing the throttle's trim up switch for 3 seconds). This implies to me that there's some kind of open wire or switch signal somewhere in the limit switching logic that must be confounding the problem. I must have damaged a sensor wire or connector etc. when this problem first developed after trailering it last week. Either that or there's an error in this procedure??

                    If I can't get both sides of the trim/tilt limit reset and reprogrammed I don't see how to proceed - trying to avoid having to re-trailer and deal with all the logistics of that by myself. What would prevent the trim up limit switch reset procedure from not letting me clear the setting (no buzzer confirm after holding up button 3 secs per step 5) once I did get into program mode? I think this question is the key - what signal is the ECU looking for but not seeing?

                    I was hoping that since the programming LED and buzzer signals seem to work ok using the down trim position reset that it would let me get up/down both resynced. But it resets the lower limit different than when I set it and so I don't do step 7 just so I can use the down trim to get it down all the way. Anyone know if the down trim reset procedure is sufficient to normally get both up/down working together or does each procedure stand alone (up/down)?

                    Anyone have any ideas?
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                      The Up Limit Reset procedure failure is really bizarre since it implies to me a firmware bug that may have long existed and this is actually a double failure.
                      I know that up button works since I can use it to tilt the engine full up. So why doesn't t the Up Limit Switch Reset logic see my up button 3 second press and complete the limit position reset logic or at least give a failure indication?

                      If the firmware logic saw some kind of open sensor or timeout I would have expected a different kind of response - not just remain moot/silent. At least some kind "ECU is trying but failed - here's why": - e.g. a failure code like a long multiple tone error warning buzzer or a blinking RED pattern change to give a code look up as to "why". Not just a do nothing at all - it's still in reset/reprogram mode as best I can tell.

                      I used to design firmware and it makes no sense at all for the firmware to "do nothing" when a button is pressed and there's some kind of fault detected. Even an open signal in the limit switch should result in a visual or audible effect that is different than the success indication. Again, I know that the "tilt up" button works - so why is not the ECU firmware seeing it and giving at least some kind of feedback as to why it does not reset the settings??

                      No firmware designer worth his salt would "do nothing" - some kind of feedback to the cockpit tech would be highly proper/expected...
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                        Additional Discovery.
                        I have a PDF copy of the DF200A manual (Suzuki 200 HP) but do not see any reference at all to the procedure for resetting the programmable limit switch settings/total-range-of-motion (after scan searching all the obvious keywords to hunt for it (e.g. tilt, trim, CAM or limit, reset, etc,). The Suzuki 90 HP procedure given here in this thread is more than my manual has (again, much appreciated!). Is there another more technically detailed mechanic's shop manual available that give additional info on the procedure for reprogramming for my exact model? This provided info for the Suzuki 90 HP model works apparently for the down side limit (mostly) but fails on the upside reprogram/reset. I can't imagine that the company would have completely changed the procedure across models though so I wanted to ask and double check if anyone knows that it is actually resettable for the 200 HP.

                        Another info find. The electrical schematic shows two inputs that may work into the tilt/trim firmware logic - 1) A Trim & Tilt Sensor (which I presume probably only drives the console analog tilt needle gauge and is likely not really used by "the logic"; and 2) A Trim & Tilt Limit Switch (which I presume is only a purely mechanical limit CAM for the UP side of it to physically prevent the motor from impinging upon the boat transom facia when fully raised up. The lower limit is fixed apparently by the physical transom mechanical bracing frame (I can actually hear the hydraulic motor still running when I hold the switch down when I go all the way down and do not release it).

                        Trying to get more insights into why the reset procedure of the upper limit programmable setting is not working since It seems that it comes into play for setting the analog tilt gauge readings at the very least and may also play into the down trim final soft limits.
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                          Found it, took a while,,,


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                            I just posted the paragraph that covers the Tilt Limit Cam but it appears the screenshot has been placed in quarantine until approved. If you want send me your email and I’ll forward the screenshot on to you.