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2010 suzuki 25hp v-twin problem

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  • 2010 suzuki 25hp v-twin problem

    Just got a 2010 suzuki v-twin. I think I have som problems with the carburator. Runs quite good at idle, but when accelerating it drowns at half speed. I can get it to full throttle by being careful..
    I have taken the carb apart several times to clean, all looks good. Got a new carb just to try, got the same result. When i take out the chocke thing with 2 wires, i can plug the hole with my finger and it runs good all the way. Heeeeelp....
    I have drilled out the plug to get to the mixture srew on one carb, does not help to ajust.....

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    My problem was more similar to what you are describing. Same solution. The Mid jet under the rubber cap.


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      Thanx for your answer. But I have taken this jet out several times to clean.. I can see trough the holes when holding it in front of light...


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        I replaced the rubber cap over the mid jet last time I was in there. The new one was noticeably tighter. I had reused the old one for years, maybe I should have changed it sooner.


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          I went back and studied the parts diagram. I was a little off. Number 4 and 5 on the diagram (Pilot Jet, Rubber Cap) was my problem area. It is a short stubby jet. On my engine, this jet was plugged. The residue was the same color as the jet and smooth so I didn't see it at first. It wasn't until I soaked it overnight and saw the difference in the hole that I realized it was plugged. I also used a magnifying glass to see what what was going on.

          No. 2 Main Nozzle is the one with all the little holes.

          I've never seen a "carb kit" for rebuilding these. You have to order all the individual parts. Honestly, there are only two gaskets a couple of O-rings, float needle and the rubber cap that are rubber. If you have to plug the warm-up thing to get it to run, I would look at replacing the gaskets. Something is leaking air. I remember the old top gasket (U-ring #18) not fitting right and got pinched. Solved with a new gasket.


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            Hello again and thanks for all the answers!
            It acts Just the same with both carbs.. ! Taken both carbs apart too for check, seems fine ‍♂️
            I have read about som problems with neutral switch, can that be an issue..? A bit strange that it runs quite ok when i plug the "choke hole". The choke motor is fitted on both carbs, so that sould not be a problem..
            Fuel is New. Fuel lines ok. Batteri ok. Comp seems ok.. Valve gaps ok..
            Getting a bit frustrated here


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              Spark plugs?


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                I Will try to change them, thanks


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                  I would start at the tank. Make sure the pick-up isn't plugged. Move up the system, step by step and make sure each part is good. The fuel pump is suspect. The choke thingy, electric? If it works plugged with your finger, then air is getting in there. I think there is an o-ring on that, will have to look at manual. Intake gaskets? Spacer? Manifold gaskets? Have you ever checked valve clearances? If one is tight now, could be messing things up. Fresh set of spark plugs made mine run a lot better this spring.