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Remap/chiptune df80?

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  • Remap/chiptune df80?

    Hi all, new member from NL here. If i’m not mistaking the df70, Df80 and df90 (2010 and later) are essentially the same engine. I have the df80 and think that the engine could be tuned (through remapping the ecm) to 90hp+. There are some companies out here that offer such a service. I’m aware of potential consequences but for the sake of the learning: is remapping (chiptuning) possible? Is there anybody with experience?

    ps. The boat I run is a 7m rescue boat from aluminum. Not relevant to my question, though.

    hoping for some insight! Looking forward to any input.

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    Not really what you asked, this is the only modification that I’m aware of on this forum.


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      Thanks Murray. That is an interesting read! My take out is that gaining hp and torque within the same “motor type” (i.e. df30 and 40. Also df70, 80 and 90) can be done through modifying the air intake restrictor rather than changing the ECU. The ECU seems to compensate too lean fuel mixtures which could cause overheating.

      anybody in the forum that did something similar to df70 or df80? I will try to get my hands on a df90 restrictor. Not sure where to get those over here.


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        As follow up on this post: I'll remove and ship the ECU to a nearby shop that is specialized in remapping all sorts of engines like jetski's and outboards. They claim that i.e. the DF80 will get close to DF100 spec. Checking the air intake for this engine and swopping it for a larger intake doesn't seem to work out: the flames retarder (air intake) is the same mesh for the DF70/80/90. A tune/remap costs approx. €400 (450 USD -ish). they also claim that the org software will be saved and can be re-flashed if needed.


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          Did you get any baseline data pre reprogramming? Keep us posted on the results.


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            I yet need to send the ecu to the tuning company but I’ll ask for that. Will keep you all posted


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              So, was able to locate and remove the ecu. I shipped it to the tuning comp and expect to have it returned in a few days. They claim that the performance will be close to the df100 spec. I'll post my experience after some testing


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                Update: the ecu was returned to me after remapping. I re-installed it in the engine and went for a test. The engine started without issues but the result of the remap is unnoticeable. I cannot measure acceleration normally off course but I could feel there's no change and top speed + max rpm didn't not change. normally my engine runs approx. 5100-5200 rpm (depending on i.e. pollution of the hull) and I expected the engine now to go to perhaps 6000rpm orzo. The company that remapped the ecu offered to run the mapping software again or -when it doesn't work- refund me.

                Ps the claim was that the df80 would get a spec like df100....I rather have the 100 than the refund

                update to follow asap


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                  Your engine should have been running at 6000rpm plus or minus with the ECU from the factory. I have a 2009 DF90A and I can hit 6200rpms.


                  Might apply to you?


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                    Much appreciated! Some work to do by the looks of it.