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2007 DF90 Trim issue

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  • 2007 DF90 Trim issue

    down trim has been a little finicky the past couple months. Normally would go down but sometimes had to hit the button a couple times. Up seemed to work fine.

    Now I have no response from down trim other than a click at solenoid. Same issue with console trim switch and switch on side of cowling. I think the up is starting to have issues now also.

    Is this likely solenoid or issue with wiring?

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    I would start with a test light and start snooping around at the tilt trim relays


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      Sound that something is corroded and has been getting worse over time. The link below might help.

      I’d suggest you start tracing wires checking for abnormalities. Pull all connections apart and check for corrosion. A genuine Suzuki service manual would help.
      How’s the fluid level? Could be a faulty PTT relay. What the condition of the battery?


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        Thanks for the help. kind of what I was thinking. Been planning on pulling the boat out of the water and doing a bunch of routine maintenance anyway. will dive into the wiring and connections and will update with what I find


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          S e l f f i x e r d o t c o m (All one word) has a genuine Suzuki service manual 2003-2007 DF 70 for $9 pdf. Well worth the money!


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            btw- fluid level is good and battery is brand new and test good


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              Got the boat pulled and on the trailer. Didn’t really get to dive into it yet but it’s actually only the down that’s having issues. Up is working fine